KK+JLD is the joint output of Kailana Sommer and Jack Lanagan Dunbar. Kailana and Jack are from Sydney. They are 'Sydney-based'. They have been working together since the beginning of 2013. They like Haiku but don't totally understand the rules. They try to put themselves in situations they wouldn't normally be in, maybe to understand how other people feel. It doesn't have huge success rate though.

They are happiest in the sunshine but appreciate waterproof jackets.

Micro Sculpture Doh la, mm goi (到了, 唔該) + Interview.pdf TRYHARD Bananas Hurts_Lots.pdf Hurts Lots Vid Stilts.pdf Time Capsule Mono-No-Aware.pdf Samples.pdf http://kailanasommer.tumblr.com/ http://jackdunbar.com/